Log Splitting Service



Splitting your wood into logs

Mark’s Mobile Log Splitting service offers on-site wood splitting for your home or business. We are able to split your firewood on-site using our mobile hydraulic log splitter on fallen trees or trees that have been felled by a tree surgeon.

With a fallen tree or one that’s been cut down, it makes sense to recycle its energy, burning helps keep your home warm through winter

Our special hydraulic log splitters can split big, tough logs no problem, we even have a crane on one, this lifts the bigger logs onto the machine. No more axe work. You can simply enjoy your logs on an open fire or wood burner

We tow a splitter so we can access Gardens, Estates and Woodland directly if needed. Usually, two of us come with the machine to speed up splitting. The split logs fall to the back and side.Leaving a pile of logs to cover over, or wheelbarrow into dry storage.

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